[E]21 Relocation of the D. Maria Pia Bridge

“Relocation of the D. Maria Pia Bridge” proposal by Bandeira/Ramalho calls attention to urban regeneration policies


In a recent international call for ideas to regenerate the Aurifícia block in Oporto, Portugal, architects Pedro Bandeira and Pedro Nuno Ramalho figuratively and literally made a monumental statement in their proposal to dismantle and relocate the decommissioned D. Maria Pia Bridge into the city center. The defunct bridge is described as a work of art and potential landmark that will revitalize the cityscape of Oporto. Although the architects didn’t place in the competition, their proposal still makes a forward statement by tossing out the traditional idea and function of a bridge and it also brings attention to the failure of urban regeneration policies.


No link seguinte encontram o artigo completo. Archinect News


Project data

PROJECT NAME: Relocation of the D. Maria Pia Bridge

ARCHITECTS: Pedro Bandeira, Pedro Nuno Ramalho

STATUS: Proposal for the Call for Ideas International competition Norte 41º for the Urban regeneration of the Block Aurifícia.

LOCATION: Oporto, Portugal

AREA: Total area of the block: 90 000 m2
Foundations of the bridge: 490 m2
Annex services (from the factory Companhia Aurifícia): 1500 m2
Demolished area: 2400 m2

CLIENT: Portuguese Council of Architects / Norte 41° Project – Centre for Architecture, Creativity and Sustainability

IMAGES RIGHTS: © Bandeira/Ramalho

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